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The United Professional Wrestling Association or UPWA is the fastest growing wrestling promotion in the southeast that thrives on bringing you the best bang for your buck at each and every one of our shows. For the past 12 years, UPWA has provided the East Coast with some of the best action in professional wrestling. When you come to our live events or purchase our DVD's, you are guaranteed to see a mix of wrestling stars from years past, the present day and future superstars of tomorrow. Hall of Famers like Tito Santana and Nikolai Volkoff as well as stars like Eric Young, Shannon Moore, Ethan Carter III, Mason Ryan, Ivan Koloff, Kevin Sullivan, The Barbarian, Spike Dudley, Ricky Reyes, Jim Powers, Robbie E, Chris Masters and The Patriot have already made their presence felt and we promise the stars will keep getting bigger and better! So sit tight, tune in, buy your tickets and get ready to be brought back in time when professional wrestling was the hottest thing around!


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07-08-17: Matt Jaeger defeated Kenny Bengal in the finals to win the Carolinas Championship.

07-04-17: The Stro defeated Mike Orlando to win the Heavyweight Championship.

03-25-17: Lucha Underground Star Ricky Reyes defeated James Anthony to win the Cruiserweight Championship.

03-11-17: Heavyweight Champion Mike Orlando defeated Shannon Moore to retain the Heavyweight Title.

01-14-17: Carolinas Champion Mike Orlando defeated The Stro to win the Heavyweight Title.

01-14-17: Prince & Property defeated Patrick Pain Parade to win the Tag Team Titles.

10-22-16: Prince & Property won the 9th Annual John J. Iradi Tag Team Tournament, defeating the Airtime Rockers in the finals.

8-27-16: James Anthony defeated Mo Hill and Trent Nitro in a Ladder Match to capture the Cruiserweight Title.

7-16-16: Team UPWA defeated Papa's Family when Owner Donald Brower made Moses Manson submit to a Boston Crab. As a result, Manson is permanently retired from professional wrestling.

5-21-16: UPWA Owner Donald Brower announced on July 16th, Papa's Family will face Team UPWA in a Wargames Match.

4-9-16: Carolinas Champion Mike Orlando battled TNA superstar EC3 to a draw.

3-26-16: The Stro defeated Eric Young to retain the Heavyweight Title.

1-1-16: Happy New Year from all of us at UPWA.

12-25-15: Merry Christmas from all of the UPWA staff.

11-14-15: Carolinas Champion Mike Orlando defeated former WWE star Chris Masters to retain the title.

10-10-15: The Stro is the New UPWA Heavyweight Champion after defeating LA Tank in a Chairs Match. It became a title match earlier in the evening when Mason Ryan relinquished the championship.

10-1-15: Due to Hurricane Joaquin, The show scheduled for October 3rd has been rescheduled for Oct 10th.

8-22-15: As a result of their loss, The Hill Brothers are eliminated from the 8th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tournament.

7-18-15: The world of wrestling was shocked when during the Main Event, The Stro turned on his partner Mason Ryan and joined the Manson Family.

7-18-15: Mike Orlando defeated Shaheem Ali to capture the Carolinas Championship after Sinister attacked Ali.

7-18-15: LA Tank, the longest reigning champion in UPWA History, was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

4-11-15: Shaheem Ali defeated the Stro to capture the Carolinas Championship. After the match, Mike Orlando attacked the new champion and announced he was coming for the title.

4-11-15: Mikal Mosley and Moses Manson attacked UPWA Owner Donald Brower with a pair of chairs at the end of the show, resulting in lacerations on his head and cranial bruising. Manson then shaved Brower's beard and looked to permanently injure him with a chair across the throat before THe Stro made the save.

3-14-15: The Stro defeated Josh Hunter in a Southport Strap Match to retain the title.

3-10-15: UPWA has reached an agreement with Colby Corino, Joe Joe Dancer and Roni Nicole to appear on upcoming shows, starting with Meltdown 2015

1-17-15: Black Hollywood defeated Team Sexxy and F1rst Generation to win the UPWA Tag Team Titles.

10-11-14: Mason Ryan defeated champion Ulrich Von Vorse to win the UPWA Heavyweight Title. Von Vorse issued an open challenge earlier in the month and Ryan answered it.

10-11-14: Black Hollywood defeated F1rst Generation in the finals to win the 7th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament. They will face Tag Team Champions Team Sexxy on Jan 17th for the titles.

8-23-14: Ulrich Von Vorse retained the title against Big Irish Pete Nixon in an Irish Pub Brawl at Retribution 2014 when the returning monster Sinister viciously attacked Nixon. Big Irish is out indefinitely.

7-05-14: The Stro defeated Xavier Rush to claim the vacant UPWA Carolinas Championship via submission. The title was vacated due to a neck injury sustained by former champion Daniel Messina.

7-05-14: Brandon Scott defeated Nick Ferrero to win the UPWA Cruiserweight Title.

7-04-14: Ulrich Von Vorse defeated Big Irish Pete Nixon in a German Noblesman Match to win the UPWA Heavyweight Title, ending Nixon's 531 day reign.

5-31-14: The Southern Sweetheart Chasity Taylor defeated Womens Champion Samantha Starr in a non title match at Chaos Theory earlier tonight. As a result she will receive a title shot on July 5th in Wilmington.

4-20-14: UPWA is proud to announce our return to the state of New Jersey with a TRIPLE MAIN EVENT. First Heavyweight Champion "Big Irish" Pete Nixon will defend against Sal Sincere. WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana will face Mr. Thursday Night and in a Flag Match The Patriot will battle Big Ben Cromwell.

4-19-14: The match has finally been agreed to. On July 4th in Southport, Heavyweight Champion "Big Irish" Pete Nixon will defend the title against Ulrich Von Vorse in a German Nobleman Match.

4-19-14: A HUGE match has been signed for Summer Showdown 2014/Where it all began our 9th Anniversary show. Carolinas Champion Tainted Luv Daniel Messina will defend against former WCW Star The Stro.

3-18-14: After a stellar main event between Heavyweight Champion Pete Nixon and LA Tank. the trio of Ulrich Von Vorse, Ty Tyson and Xavier Rush attacked both men. Tavare Hill ran in to stop the carnage and challenged the trio to face Nixon, Tank and himself to a six man tag team match on April 19th in Shallotte, NC which was accepted.

1-25-14: The UPWA has reached an agreement with former WCW Superstar The Stro to appear on future shows. He will face the Carolinas Champion, whoever that may be, April 19th in Shallotte.

1-18-14: UPWA no longer has a commissioner as the Championship Committee fired Moses Manson for overstepping his authority on recent shows.

1-18-14: There is a new Carolinas Champion as Inaugural Champion Tainted Luv Daniel Messina won a four way elimination match for the championship

1-18-14: There are new Tag Team Champions as The Nova's (Xavier Rush/Ty Tyson) defeated LA Tank and Tavare Hill to win the titles.

1-18-14: There is a new Women's Champion as Samantha Starr defeated Nyla Rose to capture the title.

10-06-13: The Heavyweight Title Match for New Year's Massacre 2014 has been set as Big Irish Pete Nixon will defend against Ulrich Von Vorse.

10-05-13: Ty Tyson and Xavier Rush defeated Black Hollywood to win the 6th Annual John J. Iradi Tag Team Tournament. They are the No. 1 contenders and will face the Leathernecks on Jan 18th in Wilmington, NC.

09-29-13: The lineup for the 6th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament has been set. The eight teams are Bad Kharma, The Black Diamonds, Travis Young and Johnny Kidd, Black Hollywood, Nick Ferrero and Mo Hill, South Side Playaz Club, Team Sexxy and the tandem of Ty Tyson and Xavier Rush.

07-11-13: Thanks to the nearly 1000 plus fans who came out in Southport on the 4th and Wilmington on the 6th.

06-10-13: Due to previous commitments from Impact Wrestling's Gunner, he will not be able to appear at the July 4th or July 6th show. For his replacement, Wrestling Legend The Barbarian will be on the shows.

05-25-13: UPWA is proud to announce that we will be taking part in the historic Southport 4th of July Festival and as a special treat for the fans, Impact Wrestling's Gunner will be on hand for the show. He will wrestle the best UPWA has to offer, Heavyweight Champion Pete Nixon.

05-11-13: Congratulations to Nick Ferrero for winning the Cruiserweight Title in a fatal fourway.

03-30-13: Congratulations to Shaheem Ali for winning the Carolinas Title in an epic 30 minute Iron Man Match.

03-30-13: HUGE thank you to the 150+ PAID fans who came out to support the company tonight. Big things planned in the next few months.

01-19-13: HUGE thank you to the 125+ fans who came out to support the company tonight. Big things planned in the next few months.

01-14-13: Just signed for New Year's Massacre on Jan 19th in Wilmington, The Beast will face his son John Beasley in a Russian Chain Match where the loser leaves UPWA.

01-01-13: Happy Holidays from the UPWA and all its staff to you and your family.

12-11-12: BREAKING NEWS............After an appeal by the Amazing Velvet, the decision by Moses Manson to strip him of the title has been reversed. As a result, on January 19th there will be a triple threat match between the top three contenders, Mo Hill, Travis Young and JR to determine the No. 1 contender to the Cruiserweight title.

11-08-12: BREAKING NEWS............The Championship Committee has come to a decision in regards to as who are the No. 1 contenders for the UPWA Tag Team Titles. By a vote of 5-4, for the first time ever we have co-winners of the John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament in The Young Bludz as well as Mikal Mosley and Christopher McKenzie. As a result, both teams will wrestle each other to determine the new champions at New Year's Massacre 2013 on Jan 19th in Wilmington, NC.

11-07-12: BREAKING NEWS.............After careful consideration and weighing all available options, UPWA has decided to cancel the event on November 17th at the National Guard Armory in Wilmington, NC.
The reason are numerous but the primary reason is with owner Donald Brower dealing with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy as well as a follow up storm and commissioner Moses Manson unable to be at the event, an authority figure cannot be present.
The championship committee has decided on the following remedy, however. All of the tournament participants as well as additional wrestlers will compete at New Year's Massacre 2013 on Jan 19th in the first ever UPWA Royal Rumble match to determine a champion.
The match will start with two men. Every two minutes another wrestler will enter the match. Traditional battle royal rules will hold true as a wrestler must go over the top rope with both feet touching the floor.
When it gets down to the final two wrestlers, the match becomes a traditional match with only pinfall or submission counting with the winner crowned the new UPWA Cruiserweight Champion.

10-07-12: BREAKING NEWS......After the ending of the John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament in which a double pin was counted, the championship committee has announced they will make a decision on the No. 1 contendership later this week after they review the tapes.
More on this breaking story as it comes available.

09-28-12: BREAKING NEWS......After debating into the late hours, The Championship Committee has reached a decision on the paperwork filed by Ty Tyson to stop the Shaheem Ali from defending the Carolinas Title against Rhyze Hygh on Oct 13th. Moses F'n Manson has released the following statement.
"The Championship Committee has come to a ruling. After reviewing the paperwork and video footage submitted by Ty Tyson and Samantha Starr, the committee voted 5-4 in favor of Tyson. Therefore Tyson will be the opponent for Shaheem Ali's first defense. Tyson has stated he wants his rematch at New Year's Massacre on Jan 19th in falls count anywhere match and the committee reluctantly agreed.
To ensure Ali is in top condition for this highly anticipated rematch, I am barring Ali from the building on October 1 3th. This is for his safety and to not incur more legal action.
This leaves Rhyze without an opponent for Fright Night but I have found a suitable replacement. On Oct 13th at Roland-Grise Middle School he will take on Wilmington's own Josh Hunter one on one. The winner of this match will be first in line to face the Carolinas Champion after Ali and Tyson meet in the ring."
We expect statement on this situation from Shaheem Ali and Ty Tyson who have a date with destiny as well as Rhyze who has a rare championship opportunity snatched from him.
More on this breaking story as it comes available.

09-21-12: Moses Manson has announced there will be a One-Night Tournament on Nov 17th to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion. Participants will be determined at Riverfest when wrestlers will be paired in qualification matchups. The first one will be at the 3pm show on Saturday pitting Danny South against 2Dxtreme. All eight participants will be determined at Riverfest. It is a weekend not to be missed.

09-21-12: Teams have been lining up for the 5th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament. Confirmed so far are The Young Bludz, Bad Kharma, Mikal Mosley and Christopher McKenzie, Everything Fantastic, BD Productions, Dysfunctional Disorder and the tandem of Mo Hill and Justin Lee. The 8th team is something of a mystery. John Beasley has petitioned and received entry into the tournament with a mystery partner.

08-21-12: BREAKING NEWS......Moses Manson has stripped the Amazing Velvet of the Cruiserweight Title for his actions after the match at Summer Showdown 2012 when he kissed JR. After being threatened with a lawsuit and the fact that Velvet was already on the commissioner's radar, Manson felt he had no choice but to strip the title. In addition he has suspended Velvet indefinitely.

08-19-12: BREAKING NEWS......Moses Manson has stated he has an announcement concern the Amazing Velvet, The Cruiserweight Title and the champions actions after his title win at Summer Showdown 2012.

07-07-12: For the first time in nearly 2 1/2 years, UPWA has a NEW Heavyweight Champion. Mike Devine defeated LA Tank to claim the title.

06-12-12: STATE OF THE UPWA ADDRESS.......After my actions at the end of Collision Course 2012 in Wilmington, NC people have asked me why Moses why? Since I have contract in which no one, including the Board of Directors can fire me, I don’t owe anyone an explanation. However being the man I am, it is time to give the fans of the South a history lesson as well as a few changes I have to make to the 7th Anniversary show on July 7th.
In my six months since taking over the job as Commissioner of the UPWA, I have noticed a few things that have needed to be addressed. I have done everything I can to right the wrongs I feel have permeated the UWPA for the last few years.
One of those is the World Championship situation. While LA Tank has successfully defended his title over the last two years, I feel he has chosen what opponents to face so he can keep his title. When a new challenger comes up who he feels he cannot beat, he engages in vicious attacks on them like he did to me three and a half years ago from which I am still physically recovering.
LA Tank is one of the top wrestlers in the south and I am going to make sure he proves that each show starting on July 7th when he faces the man who knows him better than anyone, his best friend and tag team partner of many years Michael Devine.
Both of these men were responsible for my attack three and a half years ago so I could truly care less whom walks away the champion. I can only hope they destroy each other.
Another situation that has arisen out of Collision Course is a pair of injuries that affect the Cruiserweight Championship Fatal Fourway.
Tavare Hill has been ruled out by the medical staff due to a cracked sternum given to him by the Amazing Velvet. While Velvet cannot be removed from the match as he is using his legally binding rematch clause, other steps can be taken. Velvet is hereby fined $10,000 and any further illegal actions conducted by him will result in EXTREME consequences.
Mo Hill has also been ruled out due to a concussion sustained on a super kick in his title match at Collision Course. Due to the injuries, I will be naming the two replacements for the match in the coming weeks. The first one will be announced on June 25th and the other will remain anonymous until the show but is a former Cruiserweight Champion.
On to some other UPWA business concerning the Summer Showdown event. Ty Tyson will defend the Carolinas title against Shaheem Ali. Both men have stated they want a definitive winner and I am going to facilitate that in the best way I can. The match will now be a 2 out of 3 falls match so a true winner can be claimed.
These are a few of the decisions that I feel will help the UPWA grow and I look forward to taking control of the ship that others have left captain less for the last few years.

06-12-12: BREAKING NEWS.....After his actions at Collision Course in attacking LA Tank, Commissioner Moses Manson has promised to deliver a State of the UPWA address on the website on June 18th in regards to the 7th Anniversary show, Summer Showdown 2012: Where It All Began.

05-08-12: JUST SIGNED FOR COLLISION COURSE 2012 ON JUNE 9TH.......The Amazing Velvet will face off against the nearly 7-foot "The Human Skyscraper" Rhyze.

05-01-12: JUST SIGNED FOR COLLISION COURSE 2012 ON JUNE 9TH.......Cruiserweight Champion John Beasley will wrestle against Mo Hill.

04-24-12: JUST SIGNED FOR COLLISION COURSE 2012 ON JUNE 9TH.......In the Main Event at the National Guard Armory in Wilmington, World Champion LA Tank will face the Young Bludz in a handicap match with Tavare Hill as the special referee.

04-14-12: After the victory of the team of Tavare Hill and The Young Bludz, Hill is allowed to pick the matches and stipulations for World Champion LA Tank, Amazing Velvet and Mo Hill.

03-25-12: The Main Event of UPWA Meltdown 2012 and the resulting decision made by Commissioner Moses Manson.

03-02-12: Cold Blood will be making his debut at the next show, March Madness 2012 in Wilmington, NC.

02-29-12: UPWA will be returning to Kenansville on April 14th with Retribution 2012.

01-14-12: Due to an armory issue, the January 21st show has been postponed until March 24th. We apologize for the inconvenience.

12-19-11: Ty Tyson makes a challenge for New Year's Massacre 2012 on January 21st in Wilmington, NC.

12-19-11: LA Tank talks about Tito Rains after November Nightmare 2011.

12-19-11: Tito Rains explains his actions from November Nightmare 2011.

11-19-11: Tito Rains is the new No. 1 contender for the World Title. He was involved in a 6-man tag team match, teaming with LA Tank and Mo Hill against Tavare Hill and the Young Bludz. If Tank's team picked up the victory, Tavare and the Young Bludz had to leave the UPWA but if they picked up the win, they would be able to choose the No. 1 contender for the title. Just when Tank seemed to have things under control, Rains turned on his partner and allowed Tavare to get the pin. Tavare then picked Tito as the challenger on January 14th in Wilmington, NC.

11-19-11: BREAKING NEWS...The Amazing Velvet was found bloody and beaten on his hotel room earlier today. At the show, Tavare Hill revealed it was him who lay the vicious beating on Velvet. As a result and to punish the Cruiserweight Champion, new commissioner Moses Manson has announced on January 14th in Wilmington, NC Hill will have to defend the title in a fatal fourway. The first opponent named for the match is The Amazing Velvet.

11-19-11: Tonight in Kenansville, Moses Manson was named the new UPWA Commissioner.

10-25-11: BREAKING NEWS...After taking into account the recent violent after match attacks and the general chaos at Riverfest, UPWA has named a new commissioner. Wanting to remain unknown for now, he will make his first appearance live on Nov 19th in Kenansville, NC.

10-25-11: UPWA is proud to announce on November 19th, we will invade the EE Smith Middle School in Kenansville for November Nightmare 2011.

10-09-11: Tavare Hill defeated Amazing Velvet to capture the Cruiserweight title on the 12pm Sunday show.

10-09-11: Ty Tyson is the new Carolinas Champion, defeating Tavare Hill during the 3:30pm show on Saturday.

10-09-11: Pain and Agony won the 4th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Riverfest. They will face the the tag team champions at New Year's Massacre 2012 on January 14th in Wilmington, NC.

10-03-11: After petitioning the championship committee, John Beasley and a mystery partner will be the eighth and final team for the upcoming 4th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Riverfest. The winner of the tournament will be the new No. 1 contenders.
When reached for comment, Beasley stated "I have found a reliable partner to be in my corner. Unlike the last one, who I had to carry to the tag title, we will be the perfect tandem in the ring."

10-02-11: The tandem of Tito Rains and Mo Hill is the seventh team named for the upcoming 4th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Riverfest. The winner of the tournament will be the new No. 1 contenders.

9-21-11: Bad Kharma has sent in the following video in regards to the the 4th annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament as a part of Halloween Havok on October 8th during The Riverfest Festival in Wilmington, NC.

09-19-11: High Definition and the tandem of Shaheem Ali and Justin Lee are the next two teams announced for the upcoming 4th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Riverfest. The winner of the tournament will be the new No. 1 contenders.

09-14-11: Big Steele and Young Bludz are the next two teams announced for the upcoming 4th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Riverfest. The winner of the tournament will be the new No. 1 contenders.

09-11-11: UPWA would like to remember all those heroes who lost their lives protecting the freedoms of this country.

08-24-11: NWA Tag Team Champions Bad Kharma and Tavare Hill/Amazing Velvet are the first two teams announced for the upcoming 4th Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament at Riverfest. The winner of the tournament will be the new No. 1 contenders.

08-10-11: In the first of many to come, the championship committee has announced the Main Event for the 6pm show at Riverfest will be World Champion vs Carolinas Champion, whoever they may be at the time of the match.

07-12-11: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Killian O'Conn will not be appearing at Summer Showdown 2011. However the championship committee says Carolinas Champion Tavare Hill will have a title match and will name his opponent at the show.

06-25-11: After the way Wrestlefest 2011 ended with Amazing Velvet's attack on Donald Brower, Brower has ordered a match for Summer Showdown 2011. Cruiserweight Champion Christopher McKenzie will face Amazing Velvet in a Title vs Career Match.
"I can't wait until July 30th," Brower said. "Velvet thinks he can put his hands on me? Well when Christopher McKenzie pins him and his career is over, I am going to enjoy watching him leave the building for the last time a broken man."

05-14-10: In a strange occurrence, a DVD was delivered to the offices of the UPWA. The video promises change in the UPWA and that more videos will be coming. Will they be coming to UPWA to change it for the good or try and destroy it? After careful consideration, we have decided to air the video.

05-13-11: BREAKING NEWS............ Earlier today, Djinn was served with a restraining order from William Dabney for his vicious assault at March Madness 2011. After calming Djinn down, Donald Brower had the following to say.
"This is just a cheap ploy by Tank to save his brother from a beating," Brower said. "We are going to fight this with all our might in the highest courts but William Dabney will be in action on June 11th against a member of The Brower Empire no matter what."

05-12-11: On the Wrestlefest show, there will be a 6-man tag team match as Carolinas Champion Tavare Hill will team up with the two people closest to him, Moe Hill and Tavare Hill to face the trio of Cruiserweight Champion Christopher McKenzie, Killian O'Conn and Danny South.
When reached for comment Tavare Hill said "I am sick of those three attacking us and trying to knock me off the path. It is time for me to step up and become the man I am destined to be.

04-19-11: Another match has been signed for the upcoming UPWA Wrestlefest 2011: Mind Games. Donald Brower has ordered World Champion LA Tank to face his long time tag team partner and friend Mike Devine. When reached for comment, the champion said "Once again, Brower is in my business. If he thinks me having to wrestle Devine is going to cause a rift between us he is sadly mistaken."

04-19-11: Another match has been signed for the upcoming UPWA Wrestlefest 2011: Mind Games. Donald Brower has ordered World Champion LA Tank to face his long time tag team partner and friend Mike Devine. When reached for comment, the champion said "Once again, Brower is in my business. If he thinks me having to wrestle Devine is going to cause a rift between us he is sadly mistaken."

03-19-11: In one of the most shocking moments in the history of the UPWA, after handcuffing World Champion LA Tank, Donald Brower Enterprises assaulted the champion's brother William, who was in the audience. As Tank looked on, Djinn and Christopher McKenzie held his brother while Donald Brower grabbed a hammer from under the ring, smashing William's hand with it. As Tank attended to his brother, Donald Brower announced next month's Main Event would be Djinn vs William with Brower as the special guest referee.

02-11-11: BREAKING NEWS......Following the chaos that ended the Main Event of New Year's Massacre 2011 in Wilmington, the Main Event of March Madness on March 19th at the Wilmington National Guard Armory will be World Champion LA Tank teaming up with Josh Hunter to face the duo of Tainted Luv Daniel Messina and Killian O'Conn.

01-19-11: BREAKING NEWS......After nearly two month's of prosecution threats, Donald Brower will be holding a press conference to address not only his role in the events at November Nightmare but what the championship committee has decided in regards to New Year's Massacre 2011.

11-08-10: Here is fan footage from after the Main Event of November Nightmare 2010 in Shallotte, North Carolina in which Donald Brower and Christopher McKenzie were taken into custody. We will have a response from Mr. Brower within the next week.

11-06-10: BREAKING NEWS......Donald Brower and Christopher McKenzie were taking into custody by the Shallotte Police Department for assaulting a police offer. We will post more details when they become available.

10-30-10: With only one week left before November Nightmare, the UPWA is at a fever pitch. In addition to three championship matches we will have the Shallotte debuts of Killian O'Conn, Kid Riot, Bradford Steele and JT Biggz.

10-16-10: On the November 6th show, we have just learned the Championship Committee has decided to have Tavare Hill defend his newly won Carolinas Title against Ty Tyson in the very first match of the evening.

10-3-10: BREAKING NEWS... After winning his match on with the Beast during Riverfest on Sunday, World Champion LA Tank was viciously attacked by The Brower Empire in front of his family. While Donald Brower looked on and forced Tank's children to watch the attack, Djinn, Christopher McKenzie and B.D. Productions took turns beating on Tank. In a final act of brutality Djinn placed Tank's arm in a steel chair and Brower jumped on it. The result of the attack was a severely dislocated elbow, bruised sternum, cracked ribs as well as various cuts and bruises. The injuries are expected to keep the champion out of action indefinitely but Tank is thinking of his revenge already.
"The Brower Empire has crossed a line that they never should of," Tank said. "It is one thing to attack me since I am a wrestler, but for them to lay their hands on my family is going too far. They may have put me out of action for the November 6th show but I will damn sure be at New Year's Massacre 2011. Djinn and Brower wanted a war they got one. I am challenging Djinn to a Last Man Standing Match. If he has any guts, he will accept the match and if Brower gets in the way, I will beat him like I am going to do to his big goof, Djinn."
Once a response is made by either Donald Brower or Djinn, we will be sure to post that information on the site.

10-2-10: BREAKING NEWS... Tavare Hill is the New Carolinas Champion after defeating former champion Djinn at the huge Halloween Havok show as a part of Riverfest. Tavare took advantage of Djinn's aggressiveness for the victory and celebrated with his friend, World Champion LA Tank afterwards in the ring.
"I can't believe I am the Carolinas Champion," Hill said. "After winning the tag team titles in July with the Amazing Velvet and now winning this belt, I feel I am on a huge role. The time of Capital T is here."

9-19-10: BREAKING NEWS... In a huge signing, UPWA is proud to announce the debut of Ty Tyson and Samantha Starr to appear at the monthly supershows starting with the Riverfest Festival on October 3rd. For fans of wrestling in the southeast, they know that Tyson has been a champion in every promotion he has worked for and he plans to continue that trend in the UPWA.
"UPWA is one of the top promotions in independent wrestling so its only natural they want the best wrestler in the world to work for them." Tyson said.
Starr is no ordinary manager. She continues the wrestling legacy of her mother and father, NWA stars Baby Doll and Sam Houston as well as her uncle Jake Roberts, her aunt Rockin Robin and her grandfather, Grizzly Smith. She has complete confidence that Tyson and herself will make a huge impact in the UPWA.
"I am putting every champion on notice," Starr said. "We are gunning for every title the company has to offer so be prepared for the Perfectly Ultimate takeover of the UPWA."

9-09-10: The matches keep getting bigger and better for the upcoming Riverfest event. In addition to the huge matches already announced, a street fight has been added to the show. World Champion LA Tank will meet Carolinas Champion Djinn on the 3pm Sunday show. As fans of the UPWA know, these two champions have battled in and out of the ring for the past few months, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. This match will settle the score between these two stars and will be a title vs title match. Due to the unpredictability of wrestling, if either man loses his title prior to the match, then it will become a title match for the remaining belt but this matchup WILL take place and there will be a winner.
One wrestler who has been on a roll is one half of the tag team champions, Tavare Hill. With his partner nursing an injury, he has said he will take on all comers, big and small, to showcase his abilities in the ring. His first match will be against a fomer Carolinas champion, Tainted Luv Daniel Messina. The once beloved wrestler has turned his back on the fans in recent months and has said he will end the hot streak of Hill once and for all on the 12pm Saturday show.
The 3rd Annual John J. Iradi Memorial Tournament is becoming the talk of the town. With the red hot feud between BD Prodcutions and The Beasley's, Smooth Excellence trying to end Velvet's career last show, The Young Lions, The Keystone Kings and Bad Karma looking to make an impact in their debuts, The Heavy Hitters looking to dominate another tag division or the final team who wish to remain nameless, the tournament is going to be a battle of the top tag team talent in all of the world.

9-09-10: Bad Kharma makes their first public statement since entering the John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament as a part of Halloween Havok on October 2nd during The Riverfest Festival in Wilmington, NC.

9-08-10: Some of the names confirmed for the Riverfest show include World Champion LA Tank, Carolinas Champion Djinn, Tavare Hill, 2Dxtreme, Cold Cash D and the UPWA debut of Ty Tyson and Samantha Starr. In addition, the three Saturday shows will play host to the John J. Iradi Memorial Tag Team Tournament with the winner being named the No. 1 contenders to the titles. It will showcase eight of the top teams in independent wrestling.

9-05-10: As a result of the ringside melee between the Brower Empire and various wrestlers at the last show, 2Dxtreme has challenged Carolinas Champion Djinn to a title match at the Riverfest show on October 2nd. "He tried to end my career with a kick to my skull," 2Dxtreme said. "Since he is so interested in ending things, im going to be the one who ends his year long reign as champion." When reached for comment, Djinn stated "If that little gnat wants to try and take this title from around my waist, he will fall like the rest. I am going to prove how dominant a champion I have been since winning the title a year ago in destroying 2Dxtreme once and for all." This match will be one of the many title defenses at the show and will be showcased on the 3:30pm show.

9-04-10: One of the top tag teams in the Northeast, Bad Karma will be the sixth team in the upcoming John J. Iradi Memorial Tournament on October 2nd. The team has promised to make it thoughts known on the impact they will have in both the tournament and the UPWA by the end of the week.

9-03-10: The Young Lions have been chosen to be the fifth team in the upcoming John J. Iradi Memorial Tournament on October 2nd.

8-31-10: After receiving hundreds of requests, UPWA has announced the first four teams for the prestigious John J. Iradi Memorial Tournament on October 2nd. The teams are highlighted by a pair of former UPWA tag teams champions BD Productions and Smooth Excellence. The father and son team of The Beast and John Beasley, better known as the Beasley's will throw their hat into the fray. In the biggest surprise so far, the tournament will feature the debut of one of the most decorated teams in independent wrestling, current East Coast Tag Team Champions, The Heavy Hitters. This team has beaten a who's who of top talent and look to continue that trend in UPWA. The final four teams will be announced soon and promise to be the best of the best in tag team wrestling.

8-21-10: UPWA has relaunched We hope you enjoy the site and it is easier to navigate.